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Millee voi ees tykätä jostai jota vihaa

Mul on pikku ongelma mistä kirjotin jo enkuks enkä jaksas kääntää mut oh well

Three years ago a new guy came in to my school. We have most classes together now. Well the thing is, he's annoying as fuck. He's always up in everyone's business and he hates me. He's always saying something about my height (i'm kinda short), my clothes ("oh wow, you're wearing jeans today, haven't seen you in jeans since last tuesday" in the middle of math class), the fact that i'm the only child and claimes that i'm spoiled (even though i get everything from flea markets and he gets a new pair of shoes from his parents every week), the fact that i'm alive, breathing, living.... And when he's being annoying, i'll be annoying back... But damn i have the biggest crush on him. He's always hanging out with a bunch of girls who have committed their lives to laughing at his jokes and clinging to him. I mean he can be nice too... And i'm pretty sure he's a good person, i just freak out whenever he says anything to me and i just end up insulting him or something. And we're going to different schools after summer (maybe, he doesn't know where he's going yet) and there's no way i'll even be able to talk to him during summer, i'm like the most socially anxious introvert to exist on the planet... I just need some help with something, anything, please it's been three years and i have no idea why i like him so much

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