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Hachi&Gepardi #241
Elliot Eaton IV

Elliot is his parents first born, thus getting his fathers pompous name and a fancy number behind it. He is currently 21 years of age. He's attending school for his 2nd year and is trusted to represent his family with dignity.
He's very used to getting the 'better treatment' because of his family name or simply because he's loaded. Like, really. School is child's play for him, at least the social aspect. Everyone wants to brown-nose the rich kid and since no one from the actual Royal branch is around (though Elliot is in line for the throne, he only has to kill what, about 100 people) sucking up to the upper class on campus seems to be the way up. Being the captain of the well-doing football team doesn't hurt either. This is what his life has been like, pretty much from the day he was born. He doesn't need to suck up to anyone because his already at the top of the pyramid.
Since his personality has developed under such circumstances he may come across as a sort of a douchebag. He has this whole act figured out, except it isn't an act. Well most of the times. He is arrogant and proud and easily offended. What ever insecurities he might have he covers up with tough talk and money. He knows he doesn't have to take crap from anyone (but his family), so in turn he shoves his attitude down peoples throats. He seems to be under the illusion that the whole world revolves around him.
He has some scottish blood from his mothers side, thus getting the celtic look of red hair and millions upon millions of freckles. His skin is pale as it goes with gingers but living in the rain capitol of the world doesn't make it much of a task to take care of. But he takes care of it anyway, because what is he, if not his name and looks? He keeps his hair short from the sides and little longer from the top giving him cheery side bangs he likes to keep styled up. He stands at about 6'2 (~187cm) and weights healthy 182lbs (83kg) most of which is muscle as he tends to work out a lot to keep his appearance as it is expected to be.


Callum Morgan

Callum, age 22, is a second year student in one of the most respected universities of England - respected, and expensive. Callum comes from a small town of Knighton. His family wasn’t exactly poor, but neither did they ever have the extra money to buy something they didn’t really need. It never really mattered to Callum, but of course he already had his other problems; he knew from the very early age that he wasn’t interested in girls, but in boys instead. It was a big thing to resolve in a religious atmosphere of the town. So he decided that the best thing to do was to leave that exact atmosphere. Callum studied like crazy through his three years in high school, and in the end it all was rewarded with a one way ticked to take over the world. Which, in this case, meant getting a full scholarship to a university, his major now being history. Something his family could never have afforded for him, and no one really fancies loans.
Callum is not someone to directly dislike; instead his actually pretty cheerful and easy going guy. He does have a sharp tongue and he has the bad habit of saying things before thinking. He’s also terrible at keeping secrets, but that’s not something to hate a guy for, right? It’s Callum’s own problem with people that has left him without new friends in London. He doesn’t know how to make friends and he tends to judge people a bit too harsh and easily. He is also taking the advantage of the big city, and is finally openly gay- and enjoys every minute of it, even if he does get picked on because of it. Most people, however, just know Callum as “the scholarship gay”, and pay little attention to him.
Callum is around 6’3” (~190cm) long and weights about 189lbs (~86kg), and so his built is not the smallest. He even looks a few years older than he is, so maybe those are the reasons why he has never got the real shit over his sexuality or anything.
http://www.magweb.com/picts/actor/165487/eoin_macken.jpg (ja kuvitellaan se kuvaan ~5 vuotta nuoremmaksi)
also this very important: https://31.media.tumblr.com/f2b43934de7e84dce28c58700c8bdfc3/tumblr_inline_n2n6b8Q2Tn1qdanjb.jpg
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Callum hummed and set on the task of washing the dishes. There was quite a bit and he didn't like doing the dishes all that much so it was dull work. Felt pretty good to finally have everything done though and he could really see his handiwork. Callum also tidied up the kitchen otherwise and then went to find himself the vacuum. Elliot seemed to have managed to get a lot done. Callum complimented him on that and started the vacuum. He started from the front door and made his way there to the rest of the apartment.

[ Miekii ennen tein niin mut viime vuosina oon alkanut kattoo myös semifinaalit. :D Mut yleensä kuulen just biisit ekaa kertaa vasta tässä ja pisteyttelen niitä tässä samalla ja merkkaan et ketä haluun jatkoo jne. :D Tänä vuonna poikkeuksellisesti kuulin myös Suomen biisin ekaa kertaa vasta tänään!! :D ]
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Elliot was glad stuff was getting done, Callum was doing good work too. Elliot got out of his way when he started to vacuum, but kissed him on the cheek when he passed by. He moved to the bathroom to start on the laundry. There was a lot of it, they would have to do a few loads. Once he got it on, he moved to the bedroom to arrange stuff and get all the clothes from there.

#oho mä sentään sen kuuntelin sillon ku se valittiin :DD en kyl muista siitä enää mitää :D mut nyt pakko mennä nukkuu nukahdan pystyyn. öitä!#
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Vacuuming was honestly surprisingly hard work too. Callum felt a little out of breath by the time he was done and he was sweating too, eww. He'd need to take a shower before bed - good thing he hadn't got one when he had washed his feet. "I am done!" he informed Elliot and dropped the vacuum on the bedroom floor where he had finished and fell down onto his back on the bed. "Like, legit done. This was too much work."

[ Mie en, ku olin niin vittuuntunut tosta Ylen touhusta miten Aalto valittiin, se oli niin saatanan epäreilua ja epäammattimaista niitä muita kisaajia kohtaan. >:( Ni sen takia päätin boikotoida koko paskaa ja niin tein nyt tähän asti. :D Olin kyl itse asiassa ihan positiivinen yllätys tämä. En yleisesti ottaen tykkää Saara Aallostakaan yhtään, mut siis ihan kiva biisi ja miun mielestä tuli tosi hyvään esityskohtaan, koska siin oli ennen sitä monta sellasta miun mielestä tosi tylsää biisiä ni toi Aallon biisi ja esitys kyl esiintyi edukseen. :D Oon oikeesti yllättynyt, jos ei mee jatkoon. Mut, joo, öitä!! ]
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They took quite a while with their cleaning, and it was honestly some serious work. They should've saved it for the weekend so they would've had more energy for it, but maybe they could continue with the laundry and stuff then.
"Good work", Elliot praised and climbed onto the bed with Callum, leaving a pile of clothes to be taken back into the closet. He had quite immediately just given up on the cleaning, as soon Callum had been done too. He wrapped his arms around Callum, snuggling close to him, not caring if he was sweaty or out of breath. Elliot just wanted some closeness, feeling pretty tired. He was surprised how not sleepy he was, it was clear he had had some good energy that day, even with it being quite shitty with the weather and all else.

#nii joo, en kyl kans tykänny et ne vaan valitsi sen D: olis pitäny olla normi kilpailu niinku aina. Mut finaalissa ollaan! Vähän ees jännitystä et jäädäänkö vikaks vai ei :D:D#
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Callum chuckled when Elliot joined him in the bed.
"I'm sweaty", he complained when Elliot snuggled close but wrapped his arms around him anyway and kissed the side of his face. "How were the plants?" he asked. Elliot had seemed to take good care of them so they'd probably survive. But Callum wasn't sure if they needed to change them into new sole or something, he knew his mum did that stuff to different plants during the spring and autumn.

[ Siis miuta ei oikeesti olis ees silleen varsinaisesti haitannut suora valinta, jos se valinta olis tosiaan tehty suoraan - ei silleen siinä vaiheessa, kun monta sataa muuta ihmistä on jo lähettänyt omat ehdotuksensa. >:( Miun mielestä se oli ihan älyttömän paskamainen temppu niitä muita kohtaan, varsinkin kun Ylen perustelut oli et "siellä ei ollut ketään hyvää" tms. Siis eihän Saarallakaan ollut MITÄÄN, sille vaan tarjottiin älytön budjetti ja ammattilaiset kehittämään sille jotain. >:( Ni ei miun mielestä voi sanoa, että Saara oli "parempi kuin muut vaihtoehdot", kun tilanteet on ihan erit. >:( ]
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"I don't mind", Elliot hummed, smiling a bit and closing his eyes for a moment. "They were good. I gave them a dusting and some water. I'm sure they'll survive to live another week", he chuckled. They sometimes forgot their little plant babies, but they were resilient and probably would survive with even less care.

#ihan paskaa kyl, kehtaaki yle sanoo ettei siel ollu mitää hyvää :(((( mut ehkä ens vuonna sit palataan takas ruotuu, kunha saara ei ny voita :D#
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"Good", Callum chuckled and petted Elliot's back absently. "I was wondering if we need to move them into a new sole or something... or do you only do that in the spring?" he asked. He honestly didn't really know, he just knew it was a thing. But the plants did seem to be doing quite well as it was.

[ No siis kylhän Yle sit lopulta myöns et ok oli aika paska homma ja sano et vastaisuudessa jos kutsutaan artisteja, niin se tehdään ennen kuin avataan kilpailua kaikille avoimeks. :F Mikä on miun mielestä se oikee juttu tehdäkin. ]
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"I don't know. Maybe we should look it up", Elliot hummed quietly and nuzzled closer to Callum so he could kiss his face. Elliot didn't know very much about plants, he just knew he liked the ones they had. Maybe he had formed an unhealthy bond with something that wasn't likely to survive that long, but he loved their plants and felt like they were something they shared a responsibility together.

#aa selkeesti en oo seurannu uutisointia kovin tarkasti :D#
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"Yeah", Callum hummed. It could wait though, didn't have to do it right now. "Maybe I could ask my mum", he muttered and closed his eyes, not really meaning it. He would have loved to be able to turn to his mother at matters like this but he doubted she'd be happy to help him with anything had had to do with his life with Elliot. Especially after what had happened last time they had been to Knighton.

[ Miul meni niin tunteisiin koko homma et seurasin tiiviisti. :DDD ]
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"You should ask her. Get an experts opinion", Elliot chucklee. He really hoped Callum would actually ask his mum, it wasn't like he needed to tell her very much. Just say he had some plants and was unsure what to do with them or something. It would be good and neutral.
"Should we have some tea before bed? Or do you just wanna go to sleep?" Elliot asked. He was fine staying up a while longer, but would want to start going to bed fairly soon.

#selkeesti :D#
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Callum just shook his head. Perhaps he should ask his mother but he doubted he would.
"What I want is a shower before bed", he said complainy because he actually didn't want to go and get a shower but it was another thing he should do since he had sweated during the vacuuming. It'd be nicer to get to bed when he was all clean. "But tea also sounds lovely. Are you very tired yet?"
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"You should go take one then", Elliot said and nudged Callum gently when he was so complainy. "I'm... like medium tired", he chuckled when Callum asked, not sure how to better phrase it, though surely therewere better ways. "I'll make tea if you promise you're not going to spend ages in the shower. I'm not waiting a half an hour while you splash around."

#nukkumaan! Öitä :)#
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Callum wrinkled his nose and grimaced. He didn't want to, it seemed like a massive task to do on top of all the cleaning.
"When do I ever take ages in the shower?" he gasped, as if shocked. It was possible he had a tendency to spend a little bit too much time in there, okay. "But fine I promise. Help me up first though."

[ Sain muute eilen haastattelukutsun sinne Aaltoon taas, jeee. :d Mut Turusta tuli et kiitos mutta ei kiitos. :dd ]
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Elliot laughed and nudged Callum a little bit. "You spend ages there! Like always! You take even longer when you're there giving me handjobs, but you still take a million years solo too", he said a bit teasing, but got up so he could help Callum on his feet. He put out his hands, so he could pull Callum up easily, not that it was such a task to get up on his own.

#jee Aaltoon! Haitko turkuun sinne media tutkimukseen vai mihin haitkaan? D: #
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"Well, that's because I take longer to cum", Callum claimed and made a raspberry at Elliot. Not that he had been doing a whole lot of jerking off himself lately, so that was hardly an excuse. Maybe he should give it a try now that he had let Elliot do that and it had worked out fine, but it still made him anxious.
Callum sighed dramatically but held out his hands for Elliot to help him up. "Maybe I should just take the shower in the morning", he sighed, just feeling quite repulsed with the idea of taking shower right now.

[ Hain siis nyt sinne Turun AMK:in elokuvalinjalle. :D ]
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Elliot shook his head, laughing a bit and pulled Callum up from the bed. "You really wanna go to sleep being sweaty?" he asked. He didn't care if Callum showered or not, but it would be more comfortable to shower now, then he would be saved from a really early morning tomorrow. "You'll have to wake up super early tomorrow then, if you want me to give a lift to school, since I have therapy and all..."

#aa no sinne on tosi vaikee päästä :d#
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Callum wrinkled his nose again, because well, no, he didn't. But neither did he want to go and take the shower.
"...I hate you", he groaned dramatically because Elliot as speaking sense and he didn't like it. "Fine, I'm taking the shower!" he declared and marched to the bathroom where he swiftly stripped naked and hopped into the shower to get it done with.

[ Ilmeisesti. :D ]
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Elliot didn't like it when Callum said that and him marching off made it seem like he was cross with him. He knew it wasn't like that, but he still didn't like it. But he held back his bad thoughts and went to make some calming tea instead. He used one of the blends he had gotten for Callum in Brighton, and it was some kinda chamomile type a situation.
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Callum showered quick (like, even in anyone's standards) because he wasn't getting much joy from the warm water. He wasn't cross at all, definitely not with Elliot, but having to take the shower did put him in a bit of a bad mood. While the shower was warm, it left him quite cold and unhappy. He honestly just wanted to get under the covers but Elliot had promised to make tea so after putting on some underwear and a t-shirt he went to see the situation.
"I'm freezing", he complained. Callum was aware that he was complaining awfully lot but he was in a very complainy mood.
Hachi10.5.2018 20:51

Elliot had just got the tea ready when Callum was already getting out of the shower, which was surprising. He was sitting at the table when Callum came with limited clothes on. "Maybe you should put some more clothes on?" Elliot suggested. It would be the easiest way to get warm. "Or you could come sit on my lap and I'll keep you warm", he joked, taking a sip of his tea. If Callum didn't feel like dressing up, he could go get a throw from the sofa.