killa1555.5.2018 8:34
Hei, enkkua osaavat tännee

Eli siis kirjoitin enkun esseen, nii voisko joku ihana ihminen kattoo, että onko siinä kaikki kieliopit yms. oikein? :) Laitan sen tähän alle:

The trip of a lifetime

Last year i went on a trip with my family. We went to the Philippines and stayed there for two weeks.
We stayed overnight in the hotel. We went swimming every day and we saw wonderful animals. On the other hand, we also saw scary animals. One of them almost killed my sister. It was a poisonous spider. Otherwise everything went well and we got to eat good food.
In my opinion we had first of all a fun vacation and secondly, still a memorable one. I would like to go there again sometimes.