neuralien21.5.2018 19:50
Kaunis runoni kukkasista ja kesäauringosta

So small and fragile
Innocence in smooth skin
The beauty gleams in my sight
My perfect little star
So wrong it makes me sick
So much to resist it tears me apart
Oh God
Why you hate me

Just let me
Please let me
Touch you

No man of my kind
But dog shit we are
They say
But they don't know
And in their hate they don't care

Alone at night he prays
Father forgive everything I've done in my mind
Purify my soul and leave my sins behind
Do not ever let this world see the monster in me

Toivottavasta tämä otsikko kelpaa ylläpidolle, kun edellisen aloitukseni kanssa, mursuilla oli selvästi jokin ongelma. Aloitukseni poisto tuokin suorastaan ironisesti esille runoni sanomaa.