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Faint Whispers-Englanninkielinen novelli

Juuuuuu tota kirjotin vähän aikaa sitte tämmötteen hömmelin xP
Luultavasti on kirjoitusvirheitä ja muuta tällästä kun en ole mikään paras englannissa ^-^

-Faint Whispers-

I turn on the video camera and close my eyes.
I take a long breath and start talking.
"You know that saying, 'Best Memories, Come From Bad Ideas', Well... I believed that too until, one day.

And I promise you, that's not even in my top ten of my best memories."
I open my eyes and reveal my glowing blue eyes, I quietly stare into the camera's lense and smile sadly.

"It was just an ordinary winter day......"
I start to tell the story

I was walking home from school with my best-friend, Alice. We were having some small chit-chat and talking about our school's prom which is going to be held next week. We were super excited to find a date.
Our conversation ends and we continue walking silently. I look to my left and see this gorgeous snowy opening that nobody has stepped on. It was so smooth and I walked over to the small cliff that was like 2 meters high from the snow. I could see that there was snow about 1 meter and I just felt like jumping to the snow.
I realize that Alice is standing next to me. Smiling mouth open. I look at her for a little bit and I get an amazing idea.
Well.. I thought it was amazing..

"What if..."
I start to say when Alice interrupts me.
"We jump!" Alice shouts, she seems really excited and that made me surprisingly happy.
I wish I would have known this was the last time I was going to see her happy.
"That's what I was gonna say!" I laugh and drop my bag besides a tree. Alice does the same.
We stand on the edge of this small cliff smiling, and looking at the beautiful sunset. The cold wind blows our hairs as we hold hands.
"So we're going to do a backflip or what?" I say humoristically.
"Oh come on! We are going to jump, shout weeeeee and land on our backs on the snow!" Alice shouts like her usual I-know-logic Self. I grin and turn back to the sunset.
"Your idea sounds good." I smile as we let our hands separate while we scream. "One! Two! Three!"
We jump off our hand in the air as we giggle. We turn around so we land our back first. I just say "Oh" As the snow around me goes flying through the air and land on my giggly face.
When Alice lands I hear a small crack and a faint "Ouch!" As I in panic, get up and look at Alice. She is on her back laying on the snow. "Wait, are you alright?" I ask quietly.
"My back... I can't get up.." She sounds so weak and powerless when she tries to move her hand. I start to panic more. I look around us and try to find someone. With nothing else to do, I say. "Are you going to be okay if I climb back up?" I ask and start to walk towards the cliff. I hear an agreement as I start to climb.
I run to the tree we left our bags and I take out my phone, type in the emergency number and put the phone on my ear. I can nearly feel my fingers in the cold as I get nearly an instant answer.
I explain the problem and the place where we are. They promised to send help.
I slide the cliff back down to see if she's okay. I put my hand around her neck and my other hand under her legs as I pick her up. I see a small tree-stump getting revealed under her.
"So that's the problem" I whisper to myself as I walk Alice in my hands to the small path nearby. I put her down on a bench.
"Ouch.. That hurt.." I hear her say behind her tears, seems like it hurt, a lot.
The ambulance comes and the people take her. I started to get questions and they also checked if I was all right. I got on the ambulance and call my mom, telling everything that happened, I was scared for Alice, but I wasn't scared to cry. That's normal when you are scared for someone important.
At the hospital I sit and walk back and forth in the waiting room. My mom walks in to the room and I run to hug her.
"What were you thinking! You could have gotten hurt my dear.." Was the first thing that my mom said.
"I don't care! Alice is in the fu*king ward or whatever she's in! And I am NOT HURT" I yell at my mom in tears.
"She will be okay..." Mom says as she sits on a chair.
We wait for like an hour until something happens.
I hear someone behind me say my name, I turn around as I wipe my tears.
"Lucy, your friend has some serious injuries on her back, she will not be able to walk, or get home in a while, we have contacted her parents and they are on their way here. Right now she's in a small coma." A lady says calmly as I burst into tears. I'm on my knees in the middle of the hall, crying, for my friend.

I close my eyes and end the story.
"And that my friends, happened 3 years ago, I haven't seen Alice in 2 years."

I smile as a small tear escapes my eyes. I open my eyes again.
"Thank you for listening" I whisper, before the video camera starts to beep to alarm me that the recording has ended.

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