SIXtine16.7.2018 19:30
This face is war paint

This face is war paint and the war is waged.
(look, can you see me in the corner of your eye?)
I paint my eyes bigger so I can see you better
I line my mouth wider so I can eat you up.
These wings of kohl are mine and they'll drag you through thorns.
(soft like like peaches, feel for yourself)
My teeth are white, but razor sharp
My cheeks are red, but the blood is venom.
And if you see the painted freckles,
you're close enough to catch.
(can you spot the constellations, one is for you)
The highlight blinds you
my glow lures you in
(my love, come closer, how soft am I)

Ask, or don't, and you shall receive,
but you may not like it,
in fact,
I swear you won't.