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Hachi&Gepardi #252

Elliot Eaton IV

Elliot is his parents first born, thus getting his fathers pompous name and a fancy number behind it. He is currently 21 years of age. He's attending school for his 2nd year and is trusted to represent his family with dignity.
He's very used to getting the 'better treatment' because of his family name or simply because he's loaded. Like, really. School is child's play for him, at least the social aspect. Everyone wants to brown-nose the rich kid and since no one from the actual Royal branch is around (though Elliot is in line for the throne, he only has to kill what, about 100 people) sucking up to the upper class on campus seems to be the way up. Being the captain of the well-doing football team doesn't hurt either. This is what his life has been like, pretty much from the day he was born. He doesn't need to suck up to anyone because his already at the top of the pyramid.
Since his personality has developed under such circumstances he may come across as a sort of a douchebag. He has this whole act figured out, except it isn't an act. Well most of the times. He is arrogant and proud and easily offended. What ever insecurities he might have he covers up with tough talk and money. He knows he doesn't have to take crap from anyone (but his family), so in turn he shoves his attitude down peoples throats. He seems to be under the illusion that the whole world revolves around him.
He has some scottish blood from his mothers side, thus getting the celtic look of red hair and millions upon millions of freckles. His skin is pale as it goes with gingers but living in the rain capitol of the world doesn't make it much of a task to take care of. But he takes care of it anyway, because what is he, if not his name and looks? He keeps his hair short from the sides and little longer from the top giving him cheery side bangs he likes to keep styled up. He stands at about 6'2 (~187cm) and weights healthy 182lbs (83kg) most of which is muscle as he tends to work out a lot to keep his appearance as it is expected to be.


Callum Morgan

Callum, age 22, is a second year student in one of the most respected universities of England - respected, and expensive. Callum comes from a small town of Knighton. His family wasn’t exactly poor, but neither did they ever have the extra money to buy something they didn’t really need. It never really mattered to Callum, but of course he already had his other problems; he knew from the very early age that he wasn’t interested in girls, but in boys instead. It was a big thing to resolve in a religious atmosphere of the town. So he decided that the best thing to do was to leave that exact atmosphere. Callum studied like crazy through his three years in high school, and in the end it all was rewarded with a one way ticked to take over the world. Which, in this case, meant getting a full scholarship to a university, his major now being history. Something his family could never have afforded for him, and no one really fancies loans.
Callum is not someone to directly dislike; instead his actually pretty cheerful and easy going guy. He does have a sharp tongue and he has the bad habit of saying things before thinking. He’s also terrible at keeping secrets, but that’s not something to hate a guy for, right? It’s Callum’s own problem with people that has left him without new friends in London. He doesn’t know how to make friends and he tends to judge people a bit too harsh and easily. He is also taking the advantage of the big city, and is finally openly gay- and enjoys every minute of it, even if he does get picked on because of it. Most people, however, just know Callum as “the scholarship gay”, and pay little attention to him.
Callum is around 6’3” (~190cm) long and weights about 189lbs (~86kg), and so his built is not the smallest. He even looks a few years older than he is, so maybe those are the reasons why he has never got the real shit over his sexuality or anything. (ja kuvitellaan se kuvaan ~5 vuotta nuoremmaksi)
also this very important: